Our superpowers:

Preparation of a list of potential contractors for your goods/services.

Conduct negotiations on behalf of the client

We search for trade agents, present terms and conditions of cooperation.

We use our own sources of information, Polish and international databases.

We are able to establish contacts effectively, thanks to many years of practice in commercial activities.

Choose a proven
business partner

I want to increase my global footprint

I'm looking for a product or service

We assist in:

Connecting business partners

Concluding business agreements

Efficient and trouble-free execution of orders

Conducting national and international transactions

Negotiating business terms and conditions

Where we can help?

Our scope of services:

Market research is used to analyse the market for a specific product on behalf of our clients and continuously track trade trends for various commodities in the domestic and international markets.

Market related consulting

We specialise in economic and market analyses and provide our clients with the necessary information related to current market conditions.


The preparation of all contract related activities, negotiations, and detailed aspects of contracts can be handled by the ATS HUB staff. We work with the supplier in such a way as to secure the transaction in accordance with the client’s requirements, through thorough analysis, preparation of individual proposals and solutions.